Fees & Appointments

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All appointments last at least 30- 40 mins (with adequate time between appointments for Covid cleaning). We aim to keep your waiting time to a minimum – however, some patients require longer time and we may run a little over.

Your initial appointment will involve taking a detailed history a thorough examination, discussion of the probable diagnosis and agreement with each patient re: treatment plan. You will also receive hands-on  treatment and a home programme to enhance your recovery. Our assessment and treatments are geared towards treating the immediate problem and preventing recurrence.

Our Fees

Physiotherapy Consultation: €55  (for in-person and online) -this includes sending your ex programme/videos to you via email or Physitrack App/whilst appointments last approximately 30-35 minutes in person, each person is booked in for a 45 minute session

Pilates:  No in-person classes at present

Zoom classes €12/class -full price depends on course length

Orthotics: Off the shelf only €25 -€60

Private Pilates prices available on request.

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