Our contemporary approach

Our Pilates is Stott-based ie a contemporary approach to the original method developed by Joseph Pilates. The classes and exercises are designed to help restore the natural curves of the spine, by strengthening weak muscle groups and lengthening tight muscle groups and thereby restoring muscle balance.

Over the years, our teaching of Pilates has changed and evolved to suit client’s needs and thereby resulting in more effective results.

  • CLASSES ARE SMALL – ensuring individual attention.
  • BEGINNERS are never mixed with any other level to ensure that all who attends clearly understand the basis and principles behind Pilates and so exercise effectively.
  • Our Pilates is CLINICALLY-BASED and therefore is particularly suitable for those with neck or back issues, poor posture etc.
  • All exercises can be modified as necessary for each client.

Therefore Pilates is suitable for all – but at their appropriate level.

Classes run 4-5 days a week, on both morning and evenings and are usually in 6- 8 week blocks.

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